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Only purchase Oris watches from authorised Oris retailers

Buying your Oris watch from an authorised Oris retailer ensures that you get the full value from your investment. Only an authorised Oris retailer can guarantee that your watch is authentic. An authorized Oris retailer can sell watches on his website if the retailer is listed in the store locator. A watch purchased on the web from any other retailer or site may be counterfeit, damaged, tampered with, or contain inferior parts. You will find the list of authorised retailers under store locator.

Oris will not service under warranty any watch purchased outside its selective network. Only an authorised retailer can provide you with exclusive access to Oris’s special parts and expertise. Any watch that does not have its serial number or that is not accompanied with the Oris Warranty Card provided by the authorised retailer at the time of purchase will not be recognised by Oris or any of its service centers.
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