Marc Surer – Oris’ F1 Friend!

09.07.2008 - Marc Surer – Oris’ F1 Friend!

Former Formula One racing driver and motor sports commentator Marc Surer has been a Friend of Oris for the last three years. The Swiss racing legend was in Hölstein recently to receive a watch from the new motor sport collection.

Marc Surer comes from north west Switzerland very close to where Oris is based. He has often participated in motor sports events organised by Oris, offering expert insight or commentary for participants and guests.

Marc’s record as a motor sports star is impressive to say the least. After winning the Formula 2 championship in 1979 he progressed to Formula One. He took part in 88 races from 1979 to 1986. Since retiring he has continued to be actively involved in motor sport as a television commentator and presenter.

Whilst commentating for German television at the Monaco Grand Prix earlier this year, Marc’s hotel room was burgled, and many of his personal possessions were taken – including his Oris watch.

Ulrich Herzog, CEO of Oris, commented: “We heard about the unfortunate incident in Monaco where Marc’s watch was taken. As he is a Friend of Oris we were happy to replace it with the new Oris Williams F1 Team Chronograph - one of the latest Oris models. We value Mark’s support and we’re sure that his watch will be the perfect race track companion as he travels to each Grand Prix!”