The Blue Eagles take the BC4 collection to new heights!

10.09.2008 - The Blue Eagles take the BC4 collection to new heights!

The new BC4 aviation collection made a grand entrance at its official launch event in the UK last week. The new watches accompanied the Blue Eagles helicopter display team pilots on board as they performed another daredevil aerobatic display!

After getting to grips with the new BC4 Flight Timer, Chronograph and Pointer Day models, Oris guests were treated to an exciting event where they learned to become helicopter pilots in just one day! Led by the Blue Eagles the day kicked off with a full flight briefing from Major George Bacon.

Following a morning of intensive training it was time for the guests to go flying! Accompanied by experienced pilots there was no stopping the intrepid Oris flight crew.

Safely back on solid ground it was time to watch the experts in action with a champagne aerobatic display from the Blue Eagles. The pilots stunned the crowd with a series of amazing manoeuvres including loop the loops, barrel rolls and back flips. These are stunts that can normally only be carried out by aeroplanes – but the Blue Eagles are no ordinary pilots!

Ulrich Herzog, Executive Chairman of Oris SA commented: “What a way to launch the new BC4 collection! I still can’t believe what these guys can do in their helicopters – just amazing! It’s fantastic for us, that pilots of this calibre feel that Oris watches are the perfect instruments for them in this demanding aviation environment.”

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