BC4 collection takes off in Kuala Lumpur

26.11.2008 - BC4 collection takes off in Kuala Lumpur

Inspired by the British pilots from the Blue Eagles Helicopter Display Team Oris took to the skies over Malaysia recently to present the BC4 collection in true British style!

In the heart of the Malaysian capital, the Asian Launch of the Oris BC4 aviation collection began at the famous colonial Carcosa Sri Negara. This world-renowned hotel is one of the worlds’ most luxurious and has entertained many notable guests – including the Queen of England.

As guests finished their English high tea in the relaxed surroundings, the whirring of helicopter blades could be heard across the lush lawns of the garden - a squadron of helicopters arriving to deliver the new BC4 watches for the event!

After a short safety briefing guests then had the chance to climb aboard, put on one of the watches from the collection and head out into the skies high above Kuala Lumpur - a perfect opportunity to test the new Oris timepieces in the environment for which they were created and by which they were inspired.

After the event Paul Phua, General Manager of Oris Malaysia, said: “This afternoon has been nothing short of fantastic. For our guests the helicopter rides were an unforgettable experience – we’re sure that they’ll find each and every one of the BC4 watches unforgettable too!”


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