The story behind the Chronoris Grand Prix 70 Ltd Edition

05.06.2009 - The story behind the Chronoris Grand Prix 70 Ltd Edition

There is always a story behind every Oris, a reason why it became a watch. With the Oris Grand Prix ’70 Limited Edition, there are two stories!

In 1970 Oris launched its first motor sports watch, and its first chronograph: the famous Chronoris. Almost 40 years later, the original Chronoris and the fascinating Formula One season of 1970 are the inspirations behind this new Oris limited edition.

The 1970 Formula One season was one of the most dramatic in the sport’s history. The focus was pure racing. Drivers took risks on the tracks with breathtaking, astounding, and sometimes tragic results. Formula One also became more than a sport; it became glamorous and the drivers became stars.

The new Chronoris Grand Prix ’70 Limited Edition is classic Chronoris in appearance but also incorporates some very modern design features. It’s all set to be a modern classic.

To see the season that inspired the watch, and to discover the new design features, please visit the gallery.


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