Nicholas Tse becomes new ORIS Ambassador Nicholas Tse becomes new ORIS Ambassador Nicholas Tse - real watches for real people

10.08.2011 - Nicholas Tse becomes new ORIS Ambassador

ORIS has launched its latest collaboration with the famous Hong Kong artist and entrepreneur Nicholas Tse. As a devoted supporter of ORIS, Nicholas Tse was especially invited to present the Oris Artix collection.

Throughout his professional life, Nicholas has shown passion for the roles he has undertaken, not only as a singer but also as an actor, composer, director and producer. Through his career choices Nicholas has demonstrated self-confidence, a hard-working ethic and a willingness to face challenges - these top qualities are in perfect harmony with the ORIS philosophy.

ORIS Executive Chairman, Ulrich W. Herzog commented: “With much consideration we have chosen Nicholas Tse to represent ORIS. He shares the same philosophy and values with us in sustaining the highest professional work standards throughout his career. As an actor, director and businessman, Nicholas is extremely passionate and very hard working. He demonstrated his high work values when completing the TV Commercial and photo shoot. He fits our company mission perfectly: “real watches for real people”.”

Nicholas Tse: “With the ORIS slogan “real watches for real people”, I instantly felt the coherence with my own personality and views. Throughout the process of creating the ad campaign visuals and TV commercial, I was even further assured of this and of what a precious collaborating opportunity this would be! I look forward to a prosperous breakthrough for both ORIS and myself.”

To reserve your Oris Artix Complication, please contact your preferred retailer and quote reference no. 01 915 7643 4051.