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Oris Polly Vacher

American pilots synchronise their watches on a USA air-base shortly before take off.

The massive crown has given its name to pilot’s watches: Oris Big Crown.

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  • Aviation, Big Crown Story, WWII

It’s logical that a company that has produced a long and distinguished line of pilots’ watches should also have a history of sponsoring aviation. And Oris is active in supporting new aviation exploits while taking inspiration from the spirit of classic aviation.

Most recently in 2005 Oris launched a watch to commemorate the restoration of a Mark 1 Hurricane R4118, shipped back to Britain by Peter Vacher. The year 2003 saw Oris as principal sponsor and watch partner to Polly Vacher’s circumnavigation of the globe via the poles, raising money for flying scholarships for disabled people. But the most outstanding features of Oris watches date from World War II, when Swiss watchmakers created the big crown for pilots with thick leather gloves.