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Don Vito is ready for take-off

Don Vito's plane - the Scarlet Screamer

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Don Vito Wyprächtiger is a man with a dream, and a man on a mission. Since he was just 15 he has dreamed of becoming an aerobatic pilot. In order to follow his dream has put in hours in the cockpit to hone his skills. The hard work has paid off. Aged just 23 Vito became the Swiss Champion in the ‘Advanced’ aerobatic category. But Vito’s love of flying and aeroplanes isn’t only his passion – it’s also his job! Being a display pilot takes years of hard work and Don Vito wanted to learn from the best. As a highly skilled aviation mechanic he has been chief technician to world air race champion Hannes Arch since 2008. Don Vito is a man who is going places!

2010 marked a historic milestone for the Oris Big Crown Air Racing Team, as it saw them competing at the legendary Reno Air Races in Nevada, USA, for the very fist time. Team pilot Don Vito Wypraechtiger was the first ever Swiss man to qualify for this prestigious event and placed 2nd in the Formula Gold Race at his first attempt. To honour this great achievement, Oris have created a special BC3 watch limited to 1000 pieces.

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