From left to right: V.J. Geronimo, CEO, Oris Watches USA; Bonnie Borkin Filippi, Group Publisher, <i>Scuba Diving</i> magazine; Shawn Heinrichs; David Espinosa, Editor, <i>Scuba Diving</i> magazine; and Donna Player, Territory Manager, <i>Scuba diving</i> magazine. Sea Hero Shawn Heinrichs uses his camera to document the tragic abuses affecting the ocean and its inhabitants. Sea Hero Larry McKenna with the species of marine life he's dedicated to saving — the leatherback sea turtle. Through his Living Oceans Program, Blue Ocean Institute, TV series and novels, Sea Hero Dr. Carl Safina is bringing light to important issues facing our marine environment. Marine conservationist, founder of the Sea Save Foundation and Sea Hero Georgienne Bradley in her element. Longtime underwater photographer and videographer Annie Crawley is Scuba Diving's Sea Hero for June 2011. Through her work, Annie has become one of America’s leading ocean-environmental speakers and educators.