13.09.2006 - Lee Chien-Sheng visits Oris factory

Lee Chien-Sheng (Jason) the famous Taiwanese actor and singer visited the Oris factory today together with his production company led by General Manager and Producer Wan Yu-Feng (Jade).

This famous Taiwanese TV series broadcasts visits to many different countries throughout the world. This time Switzerland was on their schedule and the first stop was the Oris factory where they were greeted by Chairman Ulrich Herzog. He gave some background information about the Oris strategy and the company history.

Later, during the factory tour, it was Jason’s turn: He asked many questions about the design process, quality control, and the final assembly of Oris watches. He also proved his talent as a watchmaker when he fixed a strap to an Oris Carlos Coste Limited Edition.
The team left in the afternoon for the Lake Geneva area to spend the weekend in Zermatt next to the Matterhorn. Next week they will visit a chocolate factory, a winery, and Lucern.

The series will be broadcast in Asia Travel TV in late October 2006.

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