Carlos Coste makes a timely return

06.07.2007 - Carlos Coste makes a timely return

Carlos Coste, the free-diver and watch partner of Oris, is currently competing at the AIDA World Championships 2007 in Slovenia.

Now in peak physical fitness, he will attempt to beat the dynamic Pan American record with flippers. The world record holder is aiming to prove that he has made a complete recovery from his CVA last September and is set to remain a long-lasting champion.

And the watch designed in his name is equally enduring and resilient, with its 47 mm case, massive sapphire glass, and water resistance to 1000 m. This innovative and oversized diver’s chronograph is equipped with a unidirectional security bezel, helium valve for pressure compensation, and top-class mechanical movement. Like Carlos at the championships, it is proving to be highly successful.

The photograph shows Carlos Coste preparing for the AIDA Indoor Individual World Championships 2007.

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