Not just friends – also fans!

26.02.2008 - Not just friends – also fans!

Oris has two new friends in the shape of watch fans Rainer Pariasek and Ernst Hausleitner. The dynamic duo are sports television presenters and household names in their native Austria.

The two TV gents were suitably pleased when they received their watches in Vienna earlier this month. They represent perfect ambassadors for Oris. And Oris is the perfect companion for them as they travel around the world covering all manner of sports events for Austrian television. From skiing to snowboarding, football to Formula 1 – they’re always on hand with the latest news.

Their choice of watches also reflects their lifestyles. Rainer Pariasek opted for the R4118 Flight Timer Limited Edition, while Ernst Hausleitner could hardly wait to wear his Meistertaucher from the diver’s collection.

Friends of Oris – these two sports experts clearly recognise a champion when they see one!