Ready, set, go! Team Oris heads for the hills

15.10.2008 - Ready, set, go! Team Oris heads for the hills

Picture the scene: southern Germany in early autumn. Beautiful scenery, sunshine, mild temperatures. But what’s that coming around the corner? It’s Team Oris!

The ‘Schauinslandkönig’ is an annual cycling event held near the town of Freiburg in south west Germany. Freiburg is one of the nearest towns across the border from Switzerland and a popular area for outdoor pursuits.

Team Oris, the six man Oris sponsored cycling team, includes Oris head of Product Design and Development Ralf Hilbich – a man whose life revolves around time!

The intrepid cyclists reached the summit of the Schauinsland mountain at 1170 metres with a combined time of just over three hours. The course itself is 11.5 km long and covers a difference in height of almost 800 metres from start to finish.

The official timing for the event was done digitally, using microchip technology, but the team was equipped with its own timing system – courtesy of Oris!

After the event an exhausted Ralf commented: “The chronographs we wore for this race have proved themselves to be perfect for sports. The straps fit perfectly on the wrist and it’s great to be able to see how we’re doing during the race. The Schauinslandkönig is a tough event and today was a great result for Team Oris.”

Tried, tested and ideal for sports: the Oris Chronographs from the worlds of motor sport ( TT3 and Williams F1 collection ), diving, aviation and culture.