'Oris Big Crown Air Racing' at the Reno Air Race: Day 5

21.09.2010 - 'Oris Big Crown Air Racing' at the Reno Air Race: Day 5

Congratulations to Don Vito Wyprächtiger for his amazing performance at Reno on Sunday. In extremely windy conditions, Vito finished in second place in the Gold Race against the other fastest racers in the competition.

The race began in front of 100,000 spectators in extreme conditions that saw two of Vito’s competitors knocked out at the start. Vito managed to hold his plane steady to finish first in the initial round. He impressed the crowds with his ability and adapted his flying perfectly to the conditions.

Describing the first part of the race Vito said: “It was so difficult at the start to hold a steady line. From the corner of my eye I could see the problems that the other two pilots had. By the final pylon I was in the lead and I managed to hold on until the beginning of the second round.”

In the end Vito defended his second place and finished 15 seconds ahead of the next nearest competitor.

Following the race Vito said: “I’m so proud to have achieved such a good result on my first trip to Reno. I had a great team working behind the scenes with me and I want to thank everyone who helped. A special thank you goes to my sponsors Bionic Surface Technologies, Ly-Con, Eurofighter and – of course – Oris.”

Congratulations to Vito and his ‘Oris Big Crown Air Racing’ team from everyone at Oris!

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