Motor sports star visits Oris factory

01.10.2010 - Motor sports star visits Oris factory

The Oris factory in Hölstein recently played host to a very special guest. Chinese racing driver Darryl O’Young dropped in for a visit on his way to take part in the World Touring Car Championship in Germany. MyOris caught up with him on his factory tour.

Earlier this year Darryl inspired his very own Limited Edition motor sports watch from the TT3 family.

MyOris: Darryl, tell us about what you’re doing this year.
Darryl O’Young: I’m very happy to be taking part in the World Touring Car Championship this year. The racing I’ve done with Porsche has been great and highlights some of my biggest accomplishments, but now I’m competing in a world championship, the standard of competition is even tougher. It’s an amazing challenge for me to be racing against multiple world champions. This is the team’s first year in the WTCC too but things are going well and I’m currently sitting third in the independent’s trophy. Later in the year, I’ll be back in my Porsche to race at some of the big races in Asia including the up-coming Singapore Grand Prix during the Formula 1 weekend at the end of September.

MyOris: What has been the highlight of your season so far?
Darryl: I actually became the first ever Chinese driver to start on pole position in the WTCC. The sport is just developing in China and it’s easy for me to reach milestones as a Chinese driver, but that was still a really special moment for me.

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