Dive Deeper with Carlos Coste Dive Deeper with Carlos Coste

10.07.2012 - Dive Deeper with Carlos Coste

Since 2006 the Swiss watch manufacturer Oris and the record breaking free diver, Carlos Coste, share a deep passion for the world of diving. From the moment this partnership was established, Oris and Carlos have launched some of the World’s most technologically advanced diving watches and are now looking forward to pushing the boundaries even further, developing innovative timepieces which inspire both watch lovers and diving enthusiasts alike.

Born in Caracas Venezuela in 1976, Carlos Coste became the first person to break the 100 meter barrier in the free immersion discipline in 2003. Coste held 11 freediving world records. In 2005, he won the first world championship in constant weight with 105 meters. In 2006 Carlos set the world record for free diving in the variable weight modality with a mammoth depth of 140 meters in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Carlos was injured in late 2006 whilst pursuing a world record in the no limits category. He resumed full training a year later and in 2010, Carlos established a new Guinness World Record for free diving, by completing a 150 meter underwater swim using no apparatus through Dos Ojos, a colossal cenote (cave network) that twists for 31 miles under Yucatan, Mexico.

To honour Coste’s incredible feat in 2010, Oris launched the Carlos Coste Limited Edition Cenote Series – the ultimate performance accessory, which followed the introduction of the Carlos Coste Chronograph Limited Edition in 2007 and the Carlos Coste Limited Edition in 2006. Oris also works closely with Carlos in testing and approving the entire range of diving watches.

Ulrich W. Herzog, Executive Chairman of Oris commented: “We are very proud to partner with Carlos Coste. He shares our philosophy and values in sustaining the highest professional work standards and is dedicated to the world of diving. He fits our company mission perfectly: “real watches for real people”.

Carlos Coste added: “I’m very excited about the future with Oris. The brand is at the forefront of technology, constantly ensuring that their diving watches provide the advanced functions which are vital for diving enthusiasts. They offer the ultimate in precision and reliability without compromising on style and I’m looking forward to jointly discovering new frontiers over the next years”.