Carlos Coste

Special testing ensures the water resistance of each Oris divers watch

  • Diving
  • Carlos Coste
  • Roman Frischknecht
  • Col Moschin

In diving and watchmaking two mutually dependent worlds collide. Divers consider a quality watch an essential piece of safety equipment, a lifeline. Oris has used the skills, expertise and feedback of a number of experienced divers to produce technical watches of professional quality with universal appeal.

Some of the bestselling Oris models of all time have come from the Oris world of diving – the combination of quality, style and functionality having convinced many an enthusiast that Oris is the intelligent choice.

The partnership with Carlos Coste, which began in 2006, cemented the high performance aspect of the Oris diver’s collection. Each watch in the collection comes with Carlos Coste’s seal of approval. It is a ringing endorsement from a man whose name appears in the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the world’s greatest freedivers. Our work with a number of highly skilled professional divers has added depth and additional innovative technology to the watches in the Oris divers collection. Our work with Roman Frischknecht and the Col Moschin regiment has produced some of our toughest, most resilient watches to date.