Nicholas Tse

음악과 미술로 연결된 오리스의 컬쳐부문 스폰서 리우 볼린

Nicholas Tse at backstage of ad campaign shooting in Hong Kong, wearing his Oris Artix Complication watch.

Entrepreneur and new Oris Ambassador Nicholas Tse at W Hong Kong with the Oris Artix Complication watch.

  • 음악과 미술로 연결된 오리스의 컬쳐부문 스폰서
  • Nicholas Tse
  • 리우 볼린
  • 오스카 피터슨
  • 밥 딜런
  • 디지 길레스피
  • 프랭크 시나트라
  • 찰리 파커
  • 듀크 엘링턴
  • 마일즈 데이비스
  • 루이 암스트롱
  • 라이오넬 햄턴
  • 존 맥러플러린
  • 앤디 쉐퍼드

As a devoted supporter of Oris, Nicholas Tse was especially invited to present the Oris Artix collection. The TVC and Ad campaign was shot in Greater China and located in the Victoria Harbour at Pier 4 in Central and W Hong Kong during which Nicholas impressively demonstrated his professional skills.

Throughout his professional life, Nicholas has shown passion for the roles he has undertaken, not only as a singer but also as an actor, composer, director and producer. Through his career choices Nicholas has demonstrated self-confidence, a hard-working ethic and a willingness to face challenges - these top qualities are in perfect harmony with the ORIS philosophy.

Nicholas represents the Oris Artix Complication watch.