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Our Philosophy
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For today’s world citizen

What value in a mechanical watch? In our digital age, there are more scientific timekeeping systems out there. But these are somehow remote and almost always temporary. A mechanical watch is alive. Eternal. Joyful. It’s the responsible, considered choice. The choice of today’s world citizen.


Independence is an attitude

We make that choice every day. And we’re free to make it. Because as per our founders’ vision, Oris is independent, free to make its own choices. Independence is rooted in us. It defines who we are. It means we can make watches that make sense and forge partnerships we truly believe in.


Do the right thing

Oris is a climate neutral company. Every decision we make begins with our mission to bring Change for the Better and our vision to operate a sustainable, responsible business. It also means finding ways to support agents of change. Independence means we can do this freely. And do the right thing.

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Everything has to make sense

We create beautiful mechanical watches, we act responsibly and we take great joy in making people smile. That’s what makes sense to us. Everything we do has to fit this philosophy, so that we’re making a positive contribution to the world. Otherwise, we don’t do it. It’s that simple.

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The path before us

We’ve been here in Hölstein since 1904, crafting beautiful mechanical watches that bring joy and make people smile. And we’ll go on doing that, building on 120 years of innovation and independence, while pioneering sustainable watchmaking that makes sense to today’s world citizen. The future waits.