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Skin in the game
Oris X Cervo Volante

The collaboration between Oris and sustainable deer leather manufacturer Cervo Volante is a beautiful expression of the Swiss watch company’s Change for the Better campaign.

Skin in the game_Cervo Volante

Sustainability in style

In 2017, Kadri Vunder Fontana and Conny Thiel-Egenter founded Cervo Volante to transform waste deer skins into sustainable products. They proposed a collaboration with Oris for a sustainable deer leather strap project, which we eagerly accepted.

Skin in the game_Cervo Volante

Crafted with vision

Cervo Volante’s hand-crafted products, low-impact methods and huge vision have brought us a great deal of joy. Not only are their leather shoes and accessories beautiful, they also tell stories in a way typical massproduced equivalents never could.

For example, they keep imperfections that occur during the life of a deer in their skins, where many companies would discard them. Their skins are never the product of farming, and they never require chemicals or fertilizers. And if the skins weren’t used in this way, they’d simply be burned. Cervo Volante has also employed Switzerland’s last two remaining tanneries, both of which use 100 per cent vegetable tanning processes.