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The pursuit of detail

Reading for pleasure

Legibility is paramount in a high-functioning wristwatch, particularly one with elevated water resistance. Our designers stressed the shape and profile of the new design’s Alpha hands and shield-like hour markers to mirror one another and ensure rapid reference.


Protect and serve

While it’s been designed for everyday wear, the Aquis Date is also a high-performance dive watch. For the new model, our designers tapered the blocks either side of the crown that protect it from accidental knocks to create a natural, fluid silhouette.


Link in the armour

To make the bracelet more tapered, visually lighter and more contemporary, while protecting ist muscular feel and robust performance profile, our designers reworked every link. The look is unfussy, while the brushed centre links become prominent.


The right type

So much of the visual weight of a watch is carried by its typography. For the new Aquis Date, we commissioned a bespoke, highly legible typeface with an athletic, confident profile. The typeface will only ever appear on Aquis watches.


System Upgrade

Typically, adjusting a metal bracelet isn’t possible without inserting or removing links. The new, Oris-patented quick adjust clasp system allows you to make quick and easy adjustments without taking your watch off. Simply pinch the tabs and slide to fit. Available on our Calibre 400 models.