Aquis Pro 4000m
01 400 7777 7155-Set - AquisPro 4000m

Deep breath: coming up for air is the Aquis Pro 4000m, the most water-resistant watch we’ve ever created. As the name has it, we’ve now certified our professional diver’s watch to a pressure rating of 400 bar, equivalent to a depth of 4,000 metres.

01 400 7777 7155-Set - AquisPro 4000m

Robustness Underwater

Its big credentials continue in the lightweight titanium case. It’s 49.50 mm in diameter, consciously oversized for robustness and to maximise legibility in the unforgiving conditions experienced by pro divers hundreds of metres down.

01 400 7777 7155-Set - AquisPro 4000m

Oris patented innovations

It also features two Oris-patented innovations. First the RSS, or Rotation Safety System, a bezel-locking device designed in collaboration with professional divers. And the blue rubber strap is fitted with our security folding clasp extension system for easy length adjustment.

Oris Calibre 400

And inside it?

Oris Calibre 400, our high-performance automatic. With it, you get a five-day power reserve, elevated anti-magnetism, better-than-chronometer accuracy, and 10-year recommended service intervals and a 10-year warranty.

The new standard in dive watches is here.

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