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The net effect
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Ocean plastic statistics make difficult reading. For example, scientists believe the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP), an area of plastic waste drifting between Hawaii and California, is four-and- a-half times the size of Germany.

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Silent Killers of the Sea

The environmental engineering organisation The Ocean Cleanup estimates 46% of the GPGP is discarded fishing nets. These ‘ghost’ nets, though not in use, still trap and kill marine life. Estimated million tonnes of ‘ghost’ nets enter oceans yearly, fishing for 400-600 years.

Oris X Bracenet

Rising Against Ghost Nets

It’s only recently that awareness of ghost nets has begun to rise, thanks to the vision and efforts of people like Benjamin Wenke and Madeleine von Hohenthal, founders of our new partner, the social enterprise Bracenet.

They became aware of this grim phenomenon while diving off the coast of Tanzania in 2015 and determined to do something about it. They began making bracelets out of upcycled ghost nets, and Bracenet was born. Today, the company makes a catalogue of products and accessories that transform this potentially life-threatening waste product into something beautiful that also makes a statement: change must come.

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Oris X Bracenet

Oris partners with Bracenet to present Oris x Bracenet, watches with unique dials made from recycled fishing nets. Each dial symbolizes ocean conservation and the impact of collective action for positive change.